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Electronic Claims Solutions


At Physical Therapy Billing Services, we are committed to providing customized services to each and every one of our clients.  Depending upon what fits your unique needs, we offer several different practice management programs which is based upon your specialty.  This includes capabilities to electronically schedule your patients, patient appointment reminders and customized invoices.  This is a huge savings in itself to avoid costly software programs as well as upgrades.


Electronic Medical Records (EMR)


We have partnered with the best EMR solutions in your industry!  We would love to tell you about our experience with them.  We also work with many other therapy based EMR systems in order to work with your practice more efficiently.  Contact us to discuss your EMR options!




Many providers struggle with the process of deciding on who they need to be credentialed with and then making the decision whether to be in or out of network with different payers.  We can help with credentialing and network participation agreements/applications.  We have experience and knowledge to obtain fee schedules of these payers in order for you to make an informed decision.  We credential for:

-Medicare Part B (Group and/or Individual)

-Medicare Railroad


-Blue Shield



-United Health Care

-or any PPO's in your demographic area  


*We offer very competitive rates for credentialing.  Please submit a contact form for a scheduled phone call


Staff and Provider Education 

Our staff is trained and up-to-date on all Medicare changes and regulations.  Insurance payers are continuously changing and we have found that many providers in these fields are left out of the up and coming changes that come with these specialties.  We pass all information to our clients on a consistent basis.  If you and your staff are having challenges in this department we can help!  Contact us today and let us help maximize your reimbursement! 

Credentialing Solutions
Electronic Claims Solutions
Electronic Medical Records Solutions
Education Solutions
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